Thursday, September 20, 2007

I have dicovered scarves!

I recently decided to participate in the CrochetWithDee's "60 Scarves in 60 Days" challenge, as you may have noticed from my big ole button. Anyway, last year I made one to practice my newly aquired knitting skill. It took forever! I had been hearing how fast and easy scarves were to make and I was so not convinced last year. I made it wide enough and long enough to wrap around your head and use as a hood as well as a scarf. I realized this year, that that was my problem. I had all this yarn left over from the baby afghan I just finished and decided to use all those skeins to make scarves for the challenge. So far I have made a red one, an orange one and a purple one. The red one is a simple V-stitch, the orange one is a kind of net stitch and the purple one is a lacy shell pattern that I saw online and thought I remembered it correctly, but I didn't and so it is just a little bit different. Here they are:I'm planning on making more. Hopefully one of each color I used for the baby afghan.

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Lesalicious said...

Great work on the scarves they look great:)